IICMVA Antitrust Declaration

The purpose of IICMVA is to discuss, monitor and provide input on laws, regulations and procedures applicable to the state agencies responsible for motor vehicle administration affecting the insurance industry, and to develop communications to ensure insurance companies are aware of these requirements. Antitrust and unfair competition laws exist in all states and in federal law, and are designed to promote free and open competition in the marketplace for goods and services. These laws forbid individuals and organizations such as ours from agreeing to restrain marketplace competition or other behavior regarded as unfair competition.

Consequently, IICMVA members and meeting participants will discuss only the business of the IICMVA as set forth in the agenda for this meeting. The meeting will be conducted in strict adherence to the requirements and prohibitions of federal and state antitrust laws. IICMVA members and meeting participants will not engage in discussions, either at this meeting or in private conversations, of our individual companies' business plans or any activities or concerted responses to market issues. There shall be no discussions of agreements or concerted actions that may restrain competition, such as price fixing, boycotts, refusals to deal or allocations of markets. Specifically, members of IICMVA are advised to avoid exchanging or discussing, either directly or indirectly through an intermediary, the following matters in any oral discussions or written correspondence with other members or with any other person from another company:

  1. current or future rates, discounts, surcharges, rate structures or classifications, insured losses, profit, expenses or other costs of doing business; current or future product design or coverage; any current or future terms of sale or other marketing practices; current or future underwriting practices or eligibility for insurance; or any other aspects of the operations of any individual company;
  2. prices or labor rates charged by, or boycotting or refusing to deal with certain, suppliers or service providers for the insurance industry (including, but not limited to, doctors and other health care providers, roofers and other members of the construction industry, auto body or glass repair shops, lawyers, adjustors, appraisers, experts);
  3. any forms of joint or cooperative action by insurers, particularly action which may have an adverse affect on any person, other than actions permitted under state or federal antitrust laws, such as providing notices of, or comments (including estimated costs of compliance) and position statements to legislative or regulatory bodies on, laws, rules or regulations relating to motor vehicle administration issues (including, but not limited to, financial responsibility, compulsory security, driver licensing, motor vehicle records, title, registration, and state reporting requirements).

All participants in any discussion are obliged to follow the published agenda and to speak up immediately for the purpose of preventing any discussion from going beyond the bounds indicated by these guidelines. Participants are also further advised to raise questions they may have about these guidelines prior to engaging in any questionable discussions.