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We Are...

The IICMVA is an all-industry advisory group formed in January 1968 when the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) adopted a resolution that an industry committee be formed to work with motor vehicle administrators on matters affecting mutual interests by providing technical expertise and understanding of the subject at hand.


The IICMVA hosts various events throughout the year. Review recent event materials and discover upcoming conferences.

Leadership through Action...

Our members represent some of the most knowledgeable technical experts in the industry. We come together to tackle problems and to shape our industry with the best interest of all stakeholders in mind. Discover the many benefits of an IICMVA Membership and how you can be involved. 

Mission Statement

Subject to applicable laws and regulations, the Committee’s purpose is to

Develop and maintain a close working relationship with AAMVA

Act as a central body where members and state vehicle administrators can work together to answer questions and resolve issues related to compulsory insurance laws, financial responsibility laws, or other motor vehicle related matters

Facilitate a centralized approach to addressing issues as they arise

Share readily available information from the State Motor Vehicle Departments and Insurance Departments with members