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IICMVA Publications

Model Legislative Language for Online Insurance Verification

Online Auto Liability Insurance Verification - Web Services Technology

The following documents represent IICMVA’s research on the use of Web services on the subject of verifying evidence of Auto liability insurance. The white paper entitled “Making the Case for Using Web Services to Verify Evidence of Auto Liability Insurance” outlines the considerations behind the Committee’s support for an on-line, event-based, evidence of insurance inquiry service. The “IICMVA Model User Guide Version 7.0” (original version published August 2005) serves as both a business document describing the business concept and as a technical manual for developing such a service with best practices in mind.

Safety Responsibility Filings

The following guide is a compilation of jurisdictional practices used to process financial and safety responsibility filings.

Insurance ID Card Bar-Coding

The following document represents IICMVA’s work in the area of bar-coding on insurance ID cards. IICMVA does not endorse bar-coding. However, if bar-coding is adopted, IICMVA recommends for consideration the following approach to implementing the PDF417 symbology and the security features that are available.