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Spring 2024 – Albany, NY

The Spring 2024 Meeting was held April 2nd through 4th in Albany, New York.  This was a packed meeting with several speakers and a lot of information shared with attendees.  Key topics included:

NY DMV Division of Field Investigation – Shared information about how they are combating cyber and identify theft. A significant amount of time is spent by NY DMV trying to prevent licensing and obtaining credentials fraudulently.  The introduction of remote or virtual testing has introduced new challenges.  Time was spent sharing today’s challenges and efforts being taken to reduce this fraudulent activity.

NY DMV – The Deputy Director of NY DMV shared several efforts underway by the NY DMV.  News of a press release issued by the Governor’s  office announcing the selection of FAST Enterprises, LLC to overhaul the aging DMV technology systems was shared.  This effort will include the retirement of 150 separate systems.  It was also shared the new driver and registration system will have an online verification solution.

Alabama DOR – Information regarding the launch of the MyDMV website was shared with the attendees.  This system combines titling, registration, tag application, and verification system services into one system.  Companies can now confirm coverage for their customers by creating an account within the website.  Customers with an active MLI case can be located with a VIN or policy number search.  The user guide has since been shared with IICMVA members.

A recent bill passed that eliminates the tag surrender process for vehicles not being operated.   Moving forward, if a vehicle didn’t have coverage because it was in an exemption status, the customer will have to provide proof supporting the vehicle was not driven.  Finally, Alabama now allows active-duty military personnel, deployed in another state, to provide proof of coverage in the other state to satisfy Alabama’s compulsory insurance laws.

Maryland MVA – Effective 1/1/2025, Maryland will be moving to a BOB/OLV solution that closely follows the IICMVA model.  Their intent is to partner with IICMVA in the development of the new solution.

Arizona DOT – An update was shared regarding the state’s new verification system, along with many benefits they’re seeing through the partnership with MV Solutions.

Discussion ensued regarding the state no longer accepting paper verification or allowing for self-reporting and the impact this has on the customers when coverage is reinstated.  The DOT will work with the vendor and an insurer to research possible solutions.

American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) – Information was shared about many of the programs and products AAMVA provides to the DMV administrators and law enforcement agencies.  Primary focus was with the products and services provided to the DMVs, as IICMVA has common partnership with that customer base.

Other key state updates included:

  • Arkansas – The verification program has successfully decreased the estimated uninsured motorist rates from 16% to 8.7%, based on vehicle registration data.
  • Louisiana – Still operating dual verification systems. The vendor is testing data produced through BOB/OLV to confirm it provides a continuation of their enforcement activities.  It’s anticipated the legacy system will be sunset in the 3rd quarter of 2024.
  • Missouri – The advisory committee is working with the department to develop the requirements of the insurance verification system. The original 4/1/2024 implementation date couldn’t be met, and a new target date of 7/1/2026 is being sought.
  • Nevada – NVLive is being modernized and replaced with a BOB/OLV system that uses the IICMVA model. The target implementation date is 7/31/2024.  Replacement to the current letter process will implement at another date.  The vendor is working on a solution that would eliminate the dual reporting requirement.
  • North Carolina – The state still requires the dual reporting requirement, with not current estimate as to when the transactional system will be sunset.
  • Utah – HB184 passed, expanding the reporting requirement to include ATVs/UTVs licensed for the road, certain motorboats, and sailboats. IICMVA is trying to secure reporting requirements for carriers to meet the 1/1/2025 implementation date.

Other Discussion Items

  • Information about the IICMVA website was shared. IICMVA has contracted with Loud Canvas to host and maintain the website.  We’ve been very pleased with this relationship.  Some things to keep in mind:
  • Please use your work email when requesting access
  • There is no limit to the number of login credentials a member company may possess.
  • An update was provided by the FR Responsibility Filings Taskforce.
  • OLV Workgroup provided an update, including the introduction of a new state information document